*~* Holiday Photo-Booth Special *~*


  It’s that time of the year again folks where several Holidays fall one right after another. Special events, Parties, and Surprises arise all the time, and quite often we miss out on capturing those memories in anything but out minds, wouldn’t be great to capture those memories to cherish and share for a lifetime.

  Well at JD’s Party 2 Go we are going to help you do just that, this season of Holidays we are going offer you a special deal on our Photo-Booth with instant prints. This way you will be able to capture all those great and special holiday memories in a photo, that you can cherish and share with others. And not only just for this year if you’re making cards to mail out to family and friends, but so you may cherish and share those special memories for years and generations to come.

  And BTW,  to make sure things work smoothly for you, JD’s Party 2 Go will be providing a complimentary attendant with the Photo-Booth to help make sure all goes well. So, be sure to call me today to book a Photo-Booth for your Holiday Gathering or Party. Call me at 770-820-8538 to book your Photo-Booth today and don’t let those memories become a, … “I wish I had a picture that special time I could show you in the years to come.